Pricing for COMMISSIONED pieces 

Base prices:

14x14 OR 11x14    $400

16X16 or 16X20 - $500

18X18 or 18X24 - $600

20X20 or 18X36 - $650

24X24 or 20X24 - $750

30X30 or 24X30 - $900

36X36 or 30X40 - $1500


Once you have emailed me a photo of your pet along with a 50% deposit of the price of the painting, I will begin painting your portrait.  I will send you a photo of the finished piece for your approval before I ship it in case you would like me to make any changes.  The shipping cost is not included in the original price of the painting.  There is no added tax on the price if it is shipped out of state.

Other sizes are available upon request. This is a general framework. 

If you wish to have more than one animal in your painting:

Add 50% to base price for second animal 

Add 75% to base price for third animal

A 50% up front deposit is required. Once the painting is complete, I will email you a photo of the painting. Upon approval, the remainder of the payment will be due.

i look forward to working with you!